What am I getting myself into…

Hi to anyone reading this blog right now! First of all, who sent you? Who do you work for?


The truth is, I’ve been wanting to but at the same time dreading to start a blog…for many, MANY reasons. Firstly, I’m not the least bit trendy/ popular nor do I have a fancy camera to take those amazing Instagram pictures.

Despite this, I know I’m not alone and these characteristics are not unique to me (It shouldn’t even matter anyway). What I can do though is share my common girl issues, life hacks when you’ve run low on beauty products and most importantly, how to start loving yourself from scratch.

My intention is not to be insta-famous or even to make money but to at least provide some sort of entertainment or reassurance to just one woman out there.

So…I finally did it. I can’t believe I just wrote my first blog post.

Here’s to many more!

Please feel free to ask any questions whether it be personal or beauty/lifestyle hacks. Maybe you just want to say hi!

Love, RobynDaily18